Unity assets, Unreal Engine 4/5 assets, high-quality 3D models. We try to download the latest versions. You may only use assets for personal and educational purposes.

Platform List Assets
Unreal Engine
3D Model

Deadlines: access is provided within 1 minute after authorization in Bot. At the same time, you must fulfill EVERYTHING that the Bot asks for, otherwise you will not get access. New assets are added once or twice a month.

ATTENTION: Access to some of the assets is provided only according to this instruction

How to get service?

  1. Go to Bot and go through a simple registration.
  2. Then follow in Bot: 🏠 Main Menu → 💼 Services → 🔐 Assets Hub → ➡️ Unreal Engine or ➡️ Unity or ➡️ 3D Models → ➡️ Get Now
  3. Then follow Bot's prompts to get Service.


  1. Is it possible to get access to all three directions at once? - Yes, just get a Sub VIP and get all the assets!
  2. Access need to purchase only once? - No, access is purchased temporarily. Order not to lose access, you must have an active subscription.
  3. How often do you add new assets? - New assets are added once or twice a month.
  4. Can I access VIP group for free? - Yes, such a function is available. You can find out more about it here: Share Asset