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After releasing two brand new apps, Le Word and Shared Reminders, we used this week to upgrade the core Aspen experience. We want your chat to be as fast and as functional as what you were using before, while having the infinite extendability that our platform offers.

One of the most important areas for improvement was loading times in our chat screen, which were slower than we would have liked. We’re proud to announce that those have been sped up 10x, resulting in a much more responsive chat experience.

In the spirit of functional parity with those “other” chat platforms, we’ve also added support for GIF keyboards and exporting photos in chat to your camera roll.

Last but not least, we’ve continued to upgrade our existing apps. This week we focused on Le Word, our take on a certain popular word guessing game. Our revamped Le Leaderboard now tracks long-term stats like Average Guesses to Win, Win Streak, Total Wins and Win % for everyone in a group and across all of your groups. The Le Word-related trash talk in the Aspen Dev space hasn’t stopped since we made these additions.

The new leaderboard in action.

The new leaderboard in action.

Some of these updates like chat performance and the new Le Leaderboard features are available now. Others, like GIF keyboard support, will be included in an app store update that we’ll be releasing soon. From here on out we’ll be posting exclusively on our blog and on Twitter, so follow along there to see our latest app releases and platform updates. Thanks for you support thus far!