Ourside is a digitally-native startup on a mission to build on our collective power through fragrance and scent in the $47B category. Black girl founded, we're reimagining the luxury fragrance house for the future. Scent for self-care and connection built on self-love and community.

Ourside grows from the knowledge that we can create space for those left out of the narrative, who don't fit in the box. It's time for our vision, our stories, our voice. We’re creating a world of our own, and we’re doing it through story and through scent


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Leadership Team


Keta Burke-Williams - Founder - Aspen Apothecary | LinkedIn

Keta Burke Williams | Founder & CEO

Inspired by a story from her mother, conversations with her sister, and the belief that black girls can create something of luxury for all, Keta is introducing a new conversation into fragrance through Ourside, the non-toxic fragrance house that's about celebrating you, as you are.

Prior to founding the brand while a student at Harvard Business School, Keta honed her skills at KraftHeinz and Carnival Cruise Lines, where she led and transformed multimillion dollar business units.

Value Proposition

🐝 Building for Those Left Out of the Narrative

We create luxury fragrances that celebrate us, as we are! They just happen to be non-toxic. We are creating a world where the things we hold dear are the things we share, and we are building that world through story and through scent.

💸 Great Margins

We had a 70% contribution margin during our proof of concept and at scale we can easily get to 85% to 90% margins

💗 Consumer & Retailer Demand

Both consumers and retailers are looking to support black owned brands and retailers now have mandates to carry black owned brands on shelf. There are a lack of options within fragrance which positions us well!