Hi [Manager Name],

I recently joined the waiting list for a live cohort-based course with WONDR and Elena Doms; former Director & Sustainability Lead at Mastercard and Sustainability Service Lead at Ensur.

They have an impressive training program that I feel could have a positive impact on my work and development at our company. Please see more about the course and 6 session course program here.

Course takeaways:

  1. Knowledge on climate science and sustainability regulations, and what businesses need to do to comply and transition to a net-zero economy.
  2. Practical projects in Sustainability that we can launch in our company.
  3. Network of skilled Sustainability professionals from various companies we can drive common ESG projects together or potentially hire for our business.

Elena Doms is sharing her vast experience, skills and expertise that covers

This will be a live cohort-based program, with on-demand access to content, deep-dive sessions and learning with a community of peers to help me execute what I learn.

At WONDR, top leaders, entrepreneurs and practitioners from some of the best companies and organisations in the world, are sharing their valuable knowledge with program participants, including proven strategies.

Who's running the cohort course? WONDR was partnered with leading practitioners who’ve worked with companies like Mastercard, Volcom, Fortune 500, Google and grassroot industry experienced professionals scaling their careers and businesses.

What does the WONDR community look like? WONDR has over 10,000 members from companies around the world tackling environmental and social issues whilst building profitable and forward thinking businesses.

What's the cost? The cohort course is priced at £750 per person but I can get £200 off if we buy asap - there are only 15 seats available.

I believe completing this course is an important step in my career development and knowledge, that can increase my impact at our company. I’d graciously like to ask whether you could support the funding of this course either in part, or in total.

WONDR’s frameworks, live events, and discussions with other practitioners will help improve my performance, making the membership a worthy investment for both myself and the company.