Too often I remember reading some good article but then I can't find it from browser history or Google. Here I try to keep a list of urls that I might see useful in the future. I put every link into own page because that way I can also link to them. This becomes really messy quickly so it's better with the search feature that I have as owner of this space. Let's hope that Notion allows soon anyone to search on public pages.

“Consider the following interpretation of the dichotomy between science and engineering: if you can directly see and manipulate the things you’re dealing with, you’re doing engineering, and if not — you need to ask clever indirect questions to get at what you’re really interested in — you’re doing science.”

Each article should be rated using scale

bad = waste of time to read

average = learned something or it was at least mildly entertaining

good = learned something useful I needed or will need

amazing = opens my eyes to something I couldn’t see before

Because often things can feel very different depending many things like what mind set I had when I read an article, I can change rating only upwards. I don’t probably read these many times but if I do or if I just keep thinking something I read a few days ago, I can increase its rating.