Data is only useful when it is stored in the right places and when it is used to generate a valuable outcome. In this article you will find a range of solutions that have been designed to help you automate the process of retrieving data from different sources, used for outbound marketing, and either forward it to right destination or process it and generate a valuable result.

Website Forms

Automate lead data collection from a website form

Leads are an essential part to any business. A lead is someone who has shown interest in purchasing a product / service from a business.

Companies often collect leads on their website by asking visitors to submit their personal information on a form. A lead form will typically ask for the person's name and email address, as this is the important information that the company needs to have in order to enroll the lead in a marketing/sales pipeline and encourage them to purchase a product/service.

Setting up a lead form on a website and connecting it to a user-friendly database that non-technical team members can have access to, is a process that varies according to the type of website and form solution you are planning on using.

No-Code Forms

No-code forms entail software such as Typeform, JotForm, CognitoForms, Google Forms, that provide forms as a service and enable you to construct and embed a lead form on any type of website.

Integromat makes it easy to monitor the responses submitted through these types of forms and forward the data to any database (or spreadsheet) app of your choice, such as Google Sheets or Airtable, so all your team members can easily access it.

Here's an example of an Integromat scenario that checks for Typeform submissions and sends their data to Google Sheets.



Custom Forms