📽 RMIT VXLab Projection — 2021

The task was to create eye-catching and inviting projection-maps into the entrance to the RMIT VXLab. Tools used include Blender, After Effects, Raspberry Pi

🛑 CSIT Society Logos — 2019 to 2020

Creating exciting logo animations for the RMIT CSIT Society that changes every day Made with Blender

💎 Infinite Gemerator — 2019

Programming and rendering a series of parametrically generated gem-style images, and training a machine-learning StyleGAN to generate a new series as well as interpolated animations.

👀 Optical Allusion — 2015

Benjamin Andrew Koder | Art Gallery of NSW

For my HSC major work I created four 1m² prints from 3D renders exploring how light can be simulated, reflected and refracted. My work was selected for Art Express and was on display in the National Art Gallery of NSW and ACU McGlade Gallery.