Hackathon Link: https://tde.fi/bizthon/index.html

Submission Due: November 10, 2021

Important Dates: 1️⃣ 21st Oct - Last date for the submission of Idea. Please note that participants who submit their idea before 21st October will be eligible to participate in the further rounds 2️⃣ 10th Nov - Last date for submission of MVP 3️⃣ 25th Nov - Final Presentation


We regret to inform you that your idea has not qualified for Stage 2 of BizThon and is not eligible for pitching on 25th November. TDeFi wishes you all the luck with your project and we will look forward to your participation in the next BizThon event. Follow the social channels of TDeFi to get notified about all events in future.


Team TDeFi BizThon

Useful Links

Important: To request access to any of these links, please message any contributor or community lead in the Traxa Discord server.