Hello! By now, you should have activated your cloaked account on the dashboard webapp. If you do not have a cloaked account yet or need help, please text us at 855-975-1028.

<aside> ✅ You can always use cloaked manually using the dashboard webapp


The extension (or plugin) shares the same account and is simply a faster and easier way to use cloaked via your browser!

<aside> ⚡ Click this link to go to the Chrome Store to install the cloaked extension:



Remember the plugin currently works for Chrome only, but Safari and Firefox are on their way!

Installing the Plugin

  1. Check if you Chrome browser is up-to-date.

    Open Chrome browser. If you DON'T see an "Update Google Chrome" button in the top right, you're on the latest version 🎉

    If you DO see a button Update Google Chrome, click it to update your browser.

  2. Go to the cloaked Chrome Store link

  3. Click the blue Add to Chrome button

  4. We recommend pinning by clicking the "puzzle piece" in the address bar and clicking the "pin" next to cloaked


  5. All email and texts to your cloaks made with this plugin will appear as Chrome browser notifications. If you want to this turn this off, go to the dashboard or the mobile app to "mute" the cloak (click on the cloak > toggle "mute" off)

  6. Finally, if you use Chrome's built-in password manager, we suggest disabling it to avoid conflicts with cloaked

Note the extension has not been fully tested with Microsoft Edge. However, it should work. So if you are a passionate Microsoft Edge browser fan, then you are also welcome to install the cloaked plugin using these instructions: https://www.howtogeek.com/411830/how-to-install-google-chrome-extensions-in-microsoft-edge/

Product Use

Watch this quick demo to see the extension in action:


Make sure you click on the icon in the top right and then log in or sign up. From here, you can begin to use the product.