A privacy-centric decentralized data store providing a suite of products aimed at allowing developers build more secure and privacy-preserving apps for their users.

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<aside> 💡 Draft for open community review and subject to change Please note that it's still early days for Arcana and that this paper is a continuous work in progress. The fundamental philosophy and core concepts behind Arcana will always hold good but actual implementations may differ.


I. Abstract

A fair few decentralized storage platforms have hit the mainnet over the last few years. Most notably the likes of Storj, Filecoin and Sia. In a relatively short period of time, these platforms have amassed quite a bit of usage, storing petabytes of data and their native tokens accruing healthy value as a result of this usage. However, the majority of use cases these platforms cater are related to Web3 DApps and data archival. Simply said, these aren't eating into the massive cloud storage market, said to grow to about $137B by 2025[1], dominated by AWS, GCP Android Azure.

It is our hypothesis that these platforms have thus far failed to do so primarily because they do not offer the UX that developers of traditional applications and systems have to expect from the centralized providers. Modular managed services, easy payments, support and many more are simply minimum expected requirements for developers/teams, and decentralized platforms are still a fair way from being embraced by non-crypto-natives.

It is also our hypothesis that data privacy and security are going to be first-class citizens in any app's stack. This is based on trends such as:

The benefits of decentralization such as privacy, security and transparency, which specifically augur such a move, have simply not been leveraged enough by existing platforms to attract the developer community at large, and especially enterprises.

With Arcana, it is our mission to bridge the best of centralized and decentralized service platforms and arm developers with a suite of tools around: