“We are the Eagle 🦅 Eyes and Ears for Aragon”

Translating Users’ voices to Feedback which you can use to make our DAO Services a huge success!

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Aragon has built the first decentralized support model for the Aragon suite of products. This is a huge, challenging, and exciting ambition for the Aragon and DeFi community. dTech guild provides technical services to Aragon and its users in the scope of its current working proposal. This includes identifying and reporting areas of improvement of Aragon’s products and reports user feedback to the rest of Aragon’s teams.


Using various methods of support (discord, support forum, documentation, etc) while striving to become a more decentralized team.

Guild Objectives

Help Aragon users resolve technical issues and answer questions in

Get involved

As a decentralized guild, anyone can express their interest to be accepted to the guild. You can find information and ways to contribute on this page:

Technical Support Scope

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Aragon Who is Who


<aside> 👉 Delegations are entrusted guild members to take the lead and have responsibility of tasks for Aragon and the guild itself. It helps structure the division of tasks, responsibility, ownership and overall structuring of the guild.

Current Delegations structure




<aside> 💬 The communication of the guild will be done in the 🧰︱dTech-guild-core channel on Discord. All guild's organizational announcements will be posted there. Please use the 🧰︱dTech-general channel above to ask any questions, ask for help or have discussions. It is strongly recommended to use threads to keep it comprehensible. We will also be hosting Office Hours in the Discord #🔊 🎙️ dTech voice channel, occurring every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC and Thursday at 18:00 UTC. During Office Hours, you will learn more about the the dTech Guild and be able to ask any pressing questions about the guild's operations.


Daily work

dTech weekly meeting topics

Aragon dTech bounty board

Más (Maintenance ás Service)

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