<aside> 💡 Welcome to Aragon Network Roadmap. Here you will find some problems/hypothesis our community and users have, and which of those are being worked on or planned for the upcoming months.

When problems / hypothesis are selected to be worked on, you will also be able to find what are the solutions being implemented (Go into the cards for that), and maybe some expected delivery dates.

Want to know why are we focusing on problems / hypothesis in the first stage instead of features? Read more here.

Want to know more about contributing to this roadmap or working on solutions? Read the Contribution Guidelines.



Understanding each stage in the pipeline

Guidelines to contribute / participate

<aside> ⚠️ The process to enable the community to contribute defining problems, ideating solutions, and implementing them is being developed. If you want to be notified when this process is made available or want something to be added to the roadmap in the meantime, please email with the subject "Update me on the public roadmap collaboration" or "New problem to the Public Roadmap". We'll review emails and we'll aim to reply but until the process is launched, it might take us some time*.*