1. Weekly review - Tweeter busy over past week, higher than usual impressions, result of posting related to Project Aragon presentation. Telegram steady growth in new users. All channels have been advertising AMA for Index Coop.
  2. Topic of the week -
    1. Post Project Aragon community call link - https://youtu.be/rBWE6X6pXi4
    2. Contact Mohammed re list of scheduled AMA events
    3. Contact Tech Support for data on top DAO’s built with Aragon for future posts
    4. Continue posting educational links from https://aragon.org/dao
  3. KPIs for coming season -
    1. Grow community across all channels
    2. Agree weekly reporting data for each channel including:
      1. New users, active users
      2. Twitter impressions
      3. Engagements/clicks
      4. No. of posts per week, including from content calendar, channel specific posts, reaction to comments, spontaneous etc.
    3. Develop team structure
    4. Attract more contributors (copy writers and graphic designers to improve quality of posts)
    5. Run Social Media quizzes/ competitions, use www.Kahoot.com or www.wheelofnames.com to education community, drive awareness and create buzz around Aragon, its products and DAOs in general
  4. Fintan and Nathan due to start work on a social media proposal, Ellis and Aakansha also interested in contributing.