Meeting Agenda

Growth Team Deliverables S01

Meeting minutes

Busy week across channels (team to provide growth figures at each meeting once s1 begins)

Shawn - Gravity AMA flyer to be ready by today, to be posted on all channels every day until Friday

Shawn - Requesting channel specific AMA/event invites for future events so we can track where attendees are coming from - Melana to set these up

Fintan to follow up re moderator tags for team (messaged Sio on Telegram)

Newsletter - Sheldan, Ellis and Kristin have agreed to help Lucas with bi-weekly newsletter in Season 1

Shawn to send info re Superhive tech and Indexcoop impression mining twitter campaign

Kristin and Ellis - will create growth team training, communication and resources doc for s1

Team agreement on listed growth deliverables for s1, specific targets to be sent with draft proposal by next meeting - 26th April