📣 Introduction

Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up. At the most basic level, it makes us feel safe, energized, and valued. This might be as simple as a small Slack DM saying “you rock!” or even transferring Juno points so your teammate can get something for themselves.

🤔 Why show appreciation?

People love feeling celebrated! It’s important to show appreciation to let people know they are valued and that you recognize their contributions.

<aside> 🧡 **Recognition vs Appreciation

Recognition** is positive feedback on someone’s work. This is about recognizing what they do.

Appreciation is recognizing someone’s value, regardless of the output of their work. This is about appreciating who they are.


How does this relate to our Our Mission, Vision, Values?


We elevate talent by celebrating and recognizing the successes of our colleagues.


We build trust by creating strong bonds through mutual connection — when others see and affirm our contributions.


We thrive together because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed! Communal success comes from the sum of individual successes.

<aside> 💡 Why is it important in a remote environment?

When we’re IRL, we commonly give appreciation through small gestures and body language: casual high fives in the hallway or affirmations on your presentation at the coffee machine. ****There’s more opportunity for casual and organic interactions which means that delivering and receiving appreciation is easier.

When we’re distributed, we have to be more intentional with our interactions and make efforts to send that friendly Slack message or GIF.


🥳 How we show appreciation

We show appreciation in lots of different ways, some of which have official programs and some of which are more casual, like sending a Slack DM to say “I appreciate you!” or saying a word of gratitude during your next Zoom call. Below are some examples of why you might be celebrating someone: