[ This is for a global Premium Incense brand rooted in India, Brahmas.co]

Mission 🏁

Help our stealth E-commerce brand grow from 0 - 100k.

Powers Needed 💪

✍️ Incredible enthusiasm to Write

🤓 Prowess to find information on Google

🤔 Attitude to challenge oneself with Creativity

🎨 And a little bit of Doodle sense aka basic Design

♥️ You possess and understand Empathy

🔰 Your responsibilities

👉 Build Content Pipeline across various social platforms.

👉 Create & Post content for our social handles.

👉 Focus on strategically growing our brand awareness across multiple social platforms.

👉 Discover and Connect with Influencers and get them to TRY-First-Then-Promote our products.

👉 Discover publications/blogs within our niche and pitch writers to write about our brand.

👉 Market the content across various groups on Facebook, reddit, etc

👉 Work with numbers, track our growth by looking at Analytics.

"and more.. "