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The project

Working on copy for another site redesign, this time for the Institute of Designers in Ireland. Editing and reviewing existing content, as well as creating new pages, copy, and microcopy to support and shape user journeys and experience.

The process

I worked with Pixel Design again to review and provide new copy for the Institute of Designers in Ireland's website, which received a new look and design.

I reviewed all existing content for quality, consistency, and appropriateness for the target audience. Then, I conducted an audit to ensure clear communication of messaging. I added pages where necessary and removed others, consolidating the content into fewer, higher-quality resources. Finally, I reviewed and revised microcopy to shape the desired user journeys identified by Pixel in their research.

Project outcome

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The website redesign and build was delivered on time, to a happy client. Content and copy supported journeys and delivered key messages at the right points in an on-brand way.

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