How do I start?

We require builders to apply in the #applications channel with picture albums to get promoted. We want to gain trust in builders before letting them build in the abyss, so the best way to get promoted is to spend time building on the server.

You may:

Build events & lessons

We hold events where anyone can join in and build in a certain plot of land in the abyss. Each event usually has a theme and is quite a lot of fun as you get to work with others and contribute directly to the project.

Be sure to get the events role in #roles on Discord to be notified of upcoming build events.

Lessons are similar to build events, but led by one person, usually Senior Builder profLucus. They teach a specific skill, which everyone then tries to apply in a quick build of their own. Afterwards, we go around and give feedback to try and improve

We try to host these weekly, alternating between events and lessons.


Jr. Builder