If your apps are missing in root search or configuration with your apps gets lost, you can run a built-in diagnostics tool to help us further debug the issue. Here’s how to launch app diagnostics:

  1. On the main screen (root search) in Raycast, press the hidden shortcut ^ I (cmd + shift + control + option + I)

  2. On the screen that appears, press the button App Diagnostics. You are going to see a lot of output on the screen.


  3. Wait until a message such as “Started watching...search scopes” appears, wait a couple of more seconds to see whether additional messages appear after that, and then press the Copy Output output button. Important: Please still copy the output even if the logs appear to “hang” and you don’t see the message.

  4. Paste and save it into a text file and send it to us.

    <aside> 💡 The output contains data about the app indexing process such as the names of your installed apps and preferences and additional search directories you might have configured. You can remove or redact parts of the file if you don’t want to share certain data with us – in that case just let us know that you’ve modified the file since it might be relevant when we look at the timestamps of the log entries.