You need to be lucky to reach success. But success doesn’t have to be a lottery. Optimize your chances of success by optimizing your growth from failure. This begins with your mindset.

<aside> 💡 Posted February 9th 2020, Updated October 14th 2020


You likely have come across many quotes regarding Success and Failure that all share the same fundamental idea. Whether it is…

Failure is the mother to Success


The difference between success and failure is one more time

These are life-changing ideas that are simple for everyone to grasp. It makes a lot of sense that if one keeps pursuing a goal, each further pursuit of such goal increases their chances to achieve success- or as Dory, the Pacific blue tang fish puts it simply: To reach success, “Just keep swimming”.

Unfortunately, knowing about an idea is far from actually implementing the wisdom into your life.

Oftentimes, people don’t understand or misinterpret how to approach achieving what they deem as success. One common thought after reading the quote is that success comes with perseveranceTrue**,** not giving up is apart of the equation, but success more so relies on something just as simple to grasp: your mindset.

The Fixed Mindset

This might sound familiar to you: ****You go headfirst into your next ambitious project super motivated to make progress. While working, excitement fills you as you remind yourself just how great this project is going to be. But what happens once you encounter a problem? How do you react once it seems like your pursuit of success is going to fail? Most people are inclined to give up in such a situation, but certain people are able to overcome and progress more from encountering mistakes.