1. Bridge Summary

The purpose of the anti-harassment policy (“Policy”) is to prevent and eliminate all forms of harassment at Remote. We wish to foster a work environment that is aligned with our company values and is free from all forms of harassment and protects our employees against inappropriate actions that are unwanted and unwelcome, and/or which create an intimidating, offensive, or hostile work environment.

2. Introduction & Background

Each of us at Remote is responsible for promoting a safe and positive workplace aligned with DEI (Belonging: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) where everyone can thrive and succeed. Remote also has an additional responsibility to adhere to various federal, state and local regulations across the globe to ensure that all harassment incidents are investigated and handled in a lawful way.

As such, we expect everyone to align with our company values, and be responsible for preventing and stopping any type of harassment. Absolutely no types of harassment, discrimination, bullying or retaliation will be taken lightly or tolerated at Remote.

3. References

This Policy is based on anti-discrimination and anti-harassment legal frameworks enforced by the United States’ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In addition to the above legal frameworks, this Policy is also adapted globally, to include all related and applicable anti-discrimination and anti-harassment legislation in all local jurisdictions in which Remote’s team members are located.

4. Requirements

All Remote team members are owners of this Policy. You are assumed to understand our zero-tolerance against harassment, and be aware of the contents of this Policy, regardless of whether you have had formal training on its content or not. Please indicate to the Policy Owner (Section 8.1) when you are unclear about any aspect of this Policy and the Policy Owner will clarify.

4.1 Responsibilities