Lao Tzu says:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

And now is the time to make your first step – the first step to stake your NFTs and make a huge passive income with them.

Because MGH (MetaGameHub) DAO, the protocol making this possible, is opening its doors for the public sale of its MGH tokens at a guaranteed price.

In this diamond-clear Q&A you will learn, when you can buy your MGH tokens, how you can easily claim them and what you can do with them afterwards.

1. When Can You Buy Your MGH Tokens?

The public sale will take place on the 14th of October on the – our intuitive interface, where you can buy your tokens and transfer them to MetaMask.

And ends on the 24th of October.

It’s an easy and headache-free process that I will explain under the fourth headline.

Afterwards – target date is the 28th of October – you will also be able to buy MGH tokens on decentralized exchanges in ETH-MGH pools.

Please remember: Only the price on the will be fixed. If you trade on the DEXs on the other hand, you have to ride through the price rollercoaster – nothing is guaranteed.

But what is the fixed price on the ?

2. How Much Will One MGH Token Cost?

On 1 MGH token will cost 0.1 USD. If any MGH tokens remain unclaimed on, they will be completely burned.

3. When Are You Allowed to Sell Your MGH Tokens?

Each investor of the public sale might sell 7.14 percent of their MGH tokens every month.

One example:

You buy exactly 1 million tokens on the 14th of October.

Now you can sell 71,400 tokens every month, so after 14 months you could sell 100 percent of your tokens.

This is how we build trust in the community and a strong foundation for MGH.