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20181122-01. Quiz 1 Sample Answers

Please find the sample answers for Quiz 1 here:


20181116-01. Assignment 2

Please download assignment 2 from here:


20181114-01. Midsem Sample Answers

Please find the sample answers for the midsem exam here:


20180823-01. Slides Updated

The slides for "Lecture 6: The structure of 2-connected graphs" and "Lecture 7: The structure of 3-connected graphs" are now uploaded. You can download them from here and here (also available from the schedule page).

20180821-02. Posted clarifications for Lectures 4 & 6

Please check the schedule page (and click the lecture titles) to view small clarifications based on the class material on these sessions (stable matchings and 2-connectivity).

20180821-01. Thursday class on usual schedule.

Apparently the news indicates that the holiday is scheduled back to 22nd August, so we will have class as usual on Thursday. Note that the first quiz will still be held on September 1st.