I spend several hours every week curating my music - I can't rely on Spotify recommendations to give me what I want. I want to be able to tell something the music I like instead of it predicting what I might like, very ambiguously.

skrrt gives me the music I ask for.

    "name": "Study Music",
    "seed": {
			"tracks": ["A lot", "Middle Child"],
	    "artists": ["21 Savage", "J Cole"],
    "key": "minor",
    "danceability": { // 💃
        "min": 10
    "popularity": { // 👀
        "max": 80,
        "min": 30
    "speechiness": { // 🎤
        "max": 40
    "energy": { // 🔥
        "min": 50

skrrt will be able to parse this filter, and then play songs similar to a lot and Middle Child (provided in seed > tracks) - the filter will also take inspiration from the artists in seed ? artists.

But that's just the basics.

And there's more! You can have customize all of this with skrrt.


Try it out on https://skrrt.fun

Want to make your own filter? https://docs.skrrt.fun - and let me know if I can help!