Elevator buttons


Flashing on screen in engineering


The access to the other (shuttle?) has this hole in the door




Taz did some detailed sensor scans to create deck maps...

Bridge Deck

Living Deck

Cargo Deck

Workshop Deck

Engineering Deck

Everything in the ship is unusually large.

Doorways, chairs - they look ideal for someone a good foot taller than you.
Ladder rungs are spaced further than you've seen before.


Automatic, airtight doorways are installed in bulkheads throughout the ship. These portals open and shut much like the shutter of a camera; they do not swing. Valves are difficult to force once fully closed (throw 10+ Strength + Athletics (strength) to force open a closed iris valve; DM –3 if in a vacc suit). Gunfire will simply lock a valve tighter. Valves are impossible to force shut if open.

Any strong object (metal bar or rod) placed in the valve when open will prevent full closure, and allow a partially closed valve to be opened with ease.

As long as the ship has any power (the power accumulators have not actually been disconnected at the source), iris valves will function automatically if pressure drops.



Hinged solid airtight doors are mounted in some locations. These portals function manually.


Any doorway not a valve or hatch is a sliding door. These are not airtight (and easily visible as such), and open at the touch of a stud on the wall. If locked (all locks are controlled by the computer, even at low power), the door will not open unless broken down, shot open, or pried open with a crowbar (success will be automatic as the doors are not too substantial).