Anime Trending is one of the leading anime news websites and is well-known for its popularity charts, which drives tons of traffic to the website.

Our charts have been featured by other news outlets and caught the attention of various creators, including the author of Rent-A-Girlfriend, Miyajima Reiji; the scriptwriter of KonoSuba, Uezu Makoto; and the *Akudama Drive* team.

As the Lead Editor, I review at least 20 editorials, charts, and press releases every week. I also train our writers and help them improve their craft.

Each article is reviewed by at least two pairs of eyes before I do the final proofread and revision. I usually take the third and last rounds of revisions for editorials before giving the green light to publish.

After joining the team in 2018, I also rewrote the Anime Trending "About" page and created an in-house style guide based on The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Ed.

I have also made guest appearances on Anime Trending’s Girltaku podcast, which features in-depth analysis on various anime topics. I appear on the following episodes: yuri/girls love analysis, queer baiting vs queer coding, best slice of life anime.

My favorite AT pieces:


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