@ Able

TLDR: We are looking for talented problem solvers and entrepreneurially minded Android developers who are interested in helping build the tools and systems of the future for creators, makers and freelancers.

About The Company

We are a small but diverse, family-oriented, and fully remote team building tools that help makers, creators, and freelancers better manage their income and employer-like benefits. We are growing quickly and looking to add additional roles immediately. The roles listed are the ones we are our highest priority at the moment, but we are always on the lookout for talented individuals we can add to the team, so if these role doesn't fit perfectly, but you're still interested, please reach out! Most people will be full-time, but we are open to part-time as well. We believe strongly in life outside of work, and that truly interesting innovation is discovered when seemingly unrelated fields come together.

About You

You are entrepreneurial, self-motivated, and independent. You are excited to get in early on a growing team, and you're eager to meaningfully contribute while taking ownership of work and projects. You are decisive and able to move fast. You have strong opinions but aren't dogmatic. You are curious and open to learning through experimentation.

You care about the business implications of the software you build, and you understand the balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line. You bring your real-life experiences and ethics with you to work to guide your understanding that software is built first and foremost for real people to use and make their lives, as well as their communities, better.

You are driven by accountability, ownership, collaboration, and creativity. You are kind and empathetic. You love building great experiences and care deeply about the customer experience. You understand the importance of shipping and continual improvement through iteration.

About The Role

We are a growing engineering team that likes to move fast and experiment. You’ll be helping build our Android app with other mobile developers. You will have the ability to have substantial authority over building practices and direction. You will help us grow the development in the Android space. We are using jetpack compose for the UI layer, navigation-compose (for navigation), hilt for dependency injection, retrofit for network calls, data store for session persistence and all of this with mvvm architecture.

Our backend system is primarily built with Rails 7 + Postgres but we do have additional tools that use other languages and services. This is an entirely remote position, but you’ll work closely with the founders and other team members to plan, create and launch SMS, mobile, and web based tools that help make independent business owners’ lives easier.

As an early member of the engineering team, you will be working with a fast-paced team to help develop our tools and systems for our customers.

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