**GlobalReader Analytics** is the core part of our eco-system and has been designed to meet data analysis needs from Shopfloor manager to company CEO and at the same time provides real-time data via **Dashboard page.**

Reports options vary from charts to tables for single device and multi-device selection offering to compare different time periods on different aspects of the data with exporting option. Information for example on the OEE, interruptions, production, and shift details are just a few clicks away:


Additionally to the variety of reports the Analytics environment allows you to set up Smart Live Views and different email notifications for the reports.

Within the Analytics environment admin users are able to:

Monitor real-time data with Dashboard

Analyze device work with Main Graph

Customize preferred reports list

Increase company efficiency by analyzing data

Set up Smart Live View

Set up report and sensor notifications

Define environment settings

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, our Support team is always waiting for your feedback: support@globalreader.eu

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