AnalytEx. Real-time advanced analytics for DeFi

AnalytEx is the first advanced analytics platform on the market in and beyond the evolving DeFi space, which combines terrabites of data from Ethereum blockchains in real time, cleanses data, runs through the analytical engine, aggregates, and finally stores it an easy-to-access manner.

Blockchain data

AnalytEx is collecting blockchain and off-chain real time and historical data in order to provide a variety of insightful charts and statistics.

Farm aggregator

AnalytEx works directly with blockchains in real time without using third-party sources. Farm aggregator allows users to receive information and best yield farming opportunities with real APYs in time. Only fair data. Also with our partners leading in the field of cybersecurity and analysis, AnalytEx users will find out which projects pass the audit standards and therefore are considered lower risk, which in turn allows users to adjust their risk/return ratio according to their preferences and liquidity.

Wise Money

AnalytEx tracks movement of whales, VCs and syndicates. With us you can analyze real-time behavior of the largest and most notable crypto wallets across different chains in real time and respond to any changes in a timely manner.

Hot Contracts

AnalytEx smart contract detector uses unique criteria mechanisms based on gas usage, contract code and predicted probability to identify the most popular contracts among the community.

Meta Gems

Analytex is looking for new products in the metaverse before others by getting data directly from the blockchain. Take a deep dive into the most popular NFT projects and discover new upcoming gems. With AnalytEx, it is easy to get a hand on any assets whether it’s a fungible token or an NFT.