December 2023 Updates

★ UWorld COMLEX Step 1: Tags regularly being added for COMLEX UWorld Step 1 Qbank (thanks to u/karimycheese)

★ AnKing Step Deck Exclusive Illustrations: Tons of cards updated with exclusive high-quality illustrations made by our in-house illustrators (thanks to u/ahmedafifi)

★ UWorld Step 3: New tags added! (thanks to u/macjolly93)

★ Bootcamp: Tons of Cardiology tags and hyperlinks added/updated!

★ Sketchy: Sketchy images + hyperlinks + tags being added to various cards to fill in gaps! (thanks to u/jwill and u/epcase)

★ Boards & Beyond: New tags added for various Step 1 BNB videos (hematology, immunology, etc.) (thanks to u/kiler129)

★ NBME Shelf Tags: Tons of new tags added for the NBME Surgery shelf exam form 6 (thanks to u/taylordugan)

November 2023 Updates

★ UWorld Step 3: New tags added! (thanks to u/macjolly93)

★ Hyperlink Removal/Offline Images: Many cards with previous hyperlinks on images and images that needed an internet connection to load have been fixed! (thanks to u/joe and u/shmuelsash)

★ USMLERx: New USMLE Rx tags for QIDs being added! (thanks to u/ahmed7)★ New Card Project: New cards for previously uncovered Step 1 content are starting to roll out based on new UWorld questions! (thanks to u/herstein.jacob)

★ UWorld Step 1 COMLEX: COMLEX QID’s for Step 1 being added (thanks to u/karimycheese)

★ Radiology Images: 100+ high-quality radiology images and illustrations added to various cards (thanks to!)

★ Bootcamp: 100s of vasculitis tags and hyperlinks added!