Mask Network is the portal to the new internet that connects mainstream Web 2.0 social media with the open, decentralized Web 3.0. Through our browser extension, users could get a glimpse of the decentralized application world. You can easily make borderless cryptocurrency transfers, decentralized file storage and sharing, display and trade NFTs, participate in various DeFi projects, and vote on governance proposals. Do everything in a Web 3.0 way, but on top of Web 2.0.


Installation & set up

Setting up your wallet (Support MetaMask and WalletConnect)

Manually update the Mask Network plugin

Back up your private key


Send an Encrypted Text

Purchase NFTs or place a bid for NFTs via OpenSea or Rarible on Twitter

Use File Service via Arweave (IPFS, SIA, Swarm soon)

Cast a Snapshot vote

Send a Red Packet (Support ETH, BSC and Polygon)

Launch an ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) (Support ETH, BSC and Polygon)

Participate in ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) (Support ETH, BSC and Polygon)

Claim tokens (from ITO/Airdrop) (Support ETH only, Polygon soon)

Check cryptocurrency info on social media (CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Uniswap Info)

Display the NFTs you own on your Twitter profile

Switch Network & Cross Chain

Switch network between ETH, BSC, and Polygon

Use the Polygon Bridge to convert from Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon