We'll be amplifying climate voices calling for #UprootTheSystem by broadening awareness and breaking open our echo chambers on Instagram.

We ask creators, even those that usually don't post climate content, to explore their climate voice during this time.

At Seed My Future, we are inspiring more pro-climate actions through authentic conversations.

We consider anyone who posts content on Instagram a creator, no matter your following or what you post. We all create art and culture. You are eligible!

We know it's not possible for all creators to participate in direct action for Fridays For Future's Global Climate Strike on September 24th so we are creating ways for you to participate from the safety of your own space.

By participating in this Amplify Contest, you'll be learning and acting for climate. We'll be posting details on instagram.com/seed_my_future.

We believe in the value of gifting and in reciprocity - you share your journey with us - we'll also share a gift with you. Our hope is that our gifts to each other will intertwine our climate paths so we can charter a brighter course together.

Our gift is USD$200 for 5 creators to receive, chosen from a random draw after the Global Climate Strike. This gift represents our appreciation that time is limited, learning is valuable and climate conversations can be tough to strike and hold.

Entry details -

Note - One creator can only receive one gift.

Lewis Hyde notes, "the cardinal difference between gift and commodity exchange that a gift establishes a feeling-bond between two people, while the sale of a commodity leaves no necessary connection".

We invite you to join our inaugural Amplify Contest. We thank you for sharing your climate journey with us.