There are different levels of engagement and accountability, at the moment our community appeals mostly for highly technical users or savvy ETH holders.

The Program's objective is to make the SSV community home for MORE types of crypto enthusiasts.


4 Tiers:

Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 16.53.51.png


The core of the SSV community

Serve as Advisory board, consultant and managers

Responsibilities Benefits
• DAO hires
• Budget & allocation
• Multisig key holder
• Consultancy
• Projects oversighting
• Monthly performance report • X payouts USDC + SSV monthly compensation
• Admin permissions in Discord
• Admin permission in Notion


The members who help run the Community.

Responsibilities Benefits
• Participating in multiple Working Groups
• ‘Support’ / moderation the community
• Respond to community questions in a timely manner
• Moderate local community channels
• Communicate with the core team
• Monitor dLeaders’ performance
• Take part in working groups
• Localization & translation work
• Monitor new ambassador applicants
• ‘Big picture’ projects
• Crypto designs and branding • Early access - private groups
• Can apply to be promoted to dLeader
• Discord ‘advanced’ permissions
• Possibility to lead a WG
• Swag & merch
• Longer terms DAO opportunities


Open for everyone, anyone can contribute directly through the task board (deWork)

Users can ‘prove themselves and apply to become an official ambassador