Alva is proud to be an equal opportunities employer. We're committed to hiring diverse talent. We want to hire the best person for the job regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.

About Alva

Alva supports women through menopause with evidence-based information, assessment and treatment. Our mission is to reduce menopause suffering and help all women live longer in good health.

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By 2025, over 1 billion will be in menopause. 80% have symptoms, of which 36% experience severe and sometimes debilitating symptoms. These can last up to 15 years (7 years on average). In the UK 13 million women are in menopause, and 58% can't access menopause services locally. The average waiting time for these NHS menopause services? 6 months.

Beyond the numbers, a tremendous amount of women are suffering and there are significant barriers to them accessing the treatments they need. The consequences at home, at work and for the long term of menopause are severe.

We're building a comprehensive digital healthcare service from the ground up to make excellent menopause care accessible to accessible to all. By all we mean women of every age, ethnicity, sociodemographic background, sexual orientation and disability. Although the platforms health services are for women - we're also passionate about including men and families in our menopause conversation to really break the stigma. We exist to support women through menopause - when a woman suffers through menopause so does everyone around her. From family, friends, children to colleagues and employers. It truly touches every life.

About this role

You're coming into own the operations function at Alva. From managing our supplier relationships, to building out the customer service function, you'll be taking Alva's operations from 0 to 1. This role reports into Alva's CEO Annie, who is currently responsible for leading the day-to-day operations. You'll work together to coach and develop the team, and ensure that the company stays on track by developing OKRs and key KPIs for each function. You'll apply a commercial lens to company problems, and analysing the many new product opportunities in menopause. You'll care deeply about developing Alva's people and culture - aspiring to create an environment which is dynamic, creative and psychologically safe.

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