Token Reflection Meets Defi Lending


The Altruism Protocol (Altrucoin) is a community-driven, automatic yield-generating token created on the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol was designed to produce decentralized charitable donations and to provide a safe, appreciating store of value for token holders with strong incentives for long-term investment and a clear use case.

Altrucoin implements many cutting-edge cryptocurrency mechanisms such as frictionless yield generation through reflection, automatic liquidity pooling, deflationary tokenomics, and more. We have learned from our predecessors and aim to improve on their formulas by solving many of the problems we see with existing yield-generating tokens.

Our roadmap lays out our plan to implement fully decentralized governance and a trustless decentralized lending platform where profits are given directly to staking token holders and charities instead of banks or middlemen.

The team behind Altrucoin firmly believes in creating equal opportunities for wealth generation for all people. That is part of the reason why we have reserved no pre-launch tokens and have instead decided to purchase at the same price as all other early investors during our public launch.

We hope you'll join us in doing our part to create a better world. 💙

Token Information

<aside> 📢 BSC LINK: Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Ticker: $ALTRUCOIN Contract address: 0xeDAF1F5B8078d4feb4E13c8d5A2c8dE1365be7b6 Decimals: 9


Core Values

What Sets Us Apart?

Our team has identified several issues with existing frictionless yield-generation tokens, and has devised solutions for each of them:

  1. Issue: Centralized Control - Many of these tokens are controlled by a small team of people. Investing in their projects requires you to place your trust in the individuals, sometimes their identities are not even publicly disclosed. Even if they are they can adjust the tokens to their will at any time without the consent of the holders/investors.

    Solution: Decentralized Governance: Our solution to this issue is twofold. First, our entire team has publicly disclosed their identities at launch. Second, we have developed a roadmap detailing our exact plans for full decentralization of our protocol. Our smart contract was built with the necessary tools for full decentralized governance from the start.