Stage 0 - Testnet Launch (Complete)

Stage zero focused on building the necessary team for the initial iterations of the project, creating the protocol and testing it thoroughly before launch. It also included a variety of administrative and marketing tasks that were necessary to complete before launching.

Stage 1 - Mainnet Launch (In Progress)

The goals of stage one are to successfully launch the Altrucoin token on the BSC mainnet, to build our community, to grow our team, and to make our first charitable donation. This including taking steps such as launching our marketing campaign, hiring new team members, and ensuring that our protocol passes external security audits.

Stage 1 Task List

Stage 2 - Marketplace Adoption/Staking V1

The primary goal of stage two is to increase our adoption on major platforms, media and exchanges, to launch our mobile application, and to continue building our community. We aim to reach major milestones for total amount given to charity during this stage.

Stage 2 Task List

Stage 3 - Defi Lending Platform Launch

We aim to launch our defi lending protocol and staking protocol during stage three, this will also be where we introduce our fee reduction to increase general usability of the token in a defi setting.

Stage 3 Task List

Stage 4 - Decentralization

With the primary functions of the protocol completed, our next focus will be on the full decentralization of the protocol and transfer of governance to the community.

Stage 4 Task List

Stage 5 - Future Plans

As the project develops, we expect new technologies to be released that we may want to incorporate into the Altruism Protocol or to build on. Stage five is where we will record those ideas.

Stage 5 Task List