Not every business is a good fit for venture capital funding. In fact, most aren't. Before looking to raise VC money, check out all the other ways to finance your business. There might be non-dilutive options available that let you keep your ownership while getting the resources you need to grow. Here are some resources to check out. Intro

Here's a free resource from one of the most innovative investors out there that not only lists alternative funding resources, but also can connect you directly to them. is pioneering new VC funding terms that let founders choose to buy back ownership through revenue sharing should they decide to forgo further venture funding.

Hustle Flywheel

An offshoot of Hustle Fund, a VC firm that invests in pre-seed companies, Flywheel can guide you through how revenue-based financing works, and, if your business is a good fit, potentially help you secure up to $500k within 72 hours for your online business.


A search engine founders can use to find non-dilutive U.S. funding by democratizing access to grants.


There are a number of growing platforms that allow you to raise money directly from your customers or supporters, whether they are accredited investors or not. Potential benefits here include validating customer demand and growing your community. Also, VCs are getting more comfortable with investing in companies that have previously raised capital via crowdfunding.