<aside> ❓ stkATOM is the liquid staked representative of ATOM issued by pSTAKE on the Persistence Core-1 chain


⏎ī¸ Background

pSTAKE was early to liquid staking in Cosmos, with stkATOM(ERC-20) being the first implementation of a liquid-staked representative of ATOM. Back in 2021, pSTAKE decided to issue these tokens on the Ethereum chain due to:

  1. The absence of IBC
  2. No DEXs like Osmosis or Dexter to bootstrap liquidity for staked ATOM
  3. The lack of overall DeFi in the Cosmos Ecosystem

<aside> 📌 stkATOM(ERC-20) achieved $39M+ in TVU (Total Value Unlocked) with 6,406 ATOM stakers & $33M liquidity on the SushiSwap pool


pSTAKE will aim to surpass these numbers in Cosmos with deep stkATOM liquidity & utility in the Interchain.

⚛ī¸ Entering the Cosmos

<aside> 🚀 stkATOM launched on 12 January 2023 on the Persistence Mainnet & is on a mission to unlock liquidity & empower DeFi for staked $ATOM in the Interchain


🌐 pSTAKE ATOM Liquid Staking dApp


🏆 Current APY (after fees): 24.24%

🔓 Current TVU (Total Value Unlocked): 450,207 ATOM

ℹī¸ About $stkATOM

đŸĢ‚ Built by Cosmonauts, for Cosmonauts

Innovating UX for the Interchain

In the future, we will explore how we can further improve UX for this. Imagine adding liquidity to the stkATOM/ATOM pool on Osmosis right from the pSTAKE app by leveraging ICA & ICQ

Do more than just stake, liquid stake & DeFi

Integration DeFi TVL APR
https://app.dexter.zone/pools/persistence1335rlmhujm0gj5e9gh7at9jpqvqckz0mpe4v284ar4lw5mlkryzszkpfrs stkATOM/ATOM Metastable Pool $1.4M+ ~37%
https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/886 stkATOM/ATOM Stableswap Pool $2.3M+ ~26%
https://app.crescent.network/farm?open_modal_pool_id=57 stkATOM/ATOM Ranged Pool $1.1M+ ~4.8%
https://app.umee.cc/#/markets Borrow against stkATOM ~$45K -

Dive deeper

🛠ī¸ Interchain Liquid Staking for ATOM