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Missions for Seinami Testnet Participants

The following missions outlined are for those that have reigestered for Sei’s Senimai Testnet.

Validators & Relayers Reward Specifications

Bonus for Validators in Sei sandbox testnet

The following bonus rewards will be granted to validators actively supporting and contributing to the Sei sandbox testnet during the incentivized testnet prior launch duration.

Bonus for Sei sandbox testnet

Act 1:

Key Dates:

Registration July 8, 2022
Start Date July 11, 2022
End Date ~August,04,2022


  1. Perform decentralized network startup using GitHub / Genesis tooling
  2. Remain online and participate through the completion of the testnet as measured by Sei
  3. Carry out IBC token transfers

Act-1 Missions

Act 2

Key Dates: