Open the Alexa Developer Console and create a new skill:

Example 1

Example 1

Be sure to select the custom model and Start from scratch in the following step.

Then you have to pickup the invocation name, it the name of your chatbot that will answer to sentences like “Alexa, ask my-chatbot-name to …”.

Alexa needs a callback to send the requests to: it must be a https endpoint (a self signed certificate it’s not enough). For testing we’ll use ngrok to create a https tunnel for our local Node-RED instance. Install it, then open a shell window and run

ngrok http

You should get something like


Grab the https address you get, something like, this is the base url that points back to your Node-RED instance.

The callback is


This callback should fill the field Default region in the Endpoint session

Example 2

Example 2

We’re ready to create the first simple flow: