I'm a product and service designer from the UK, living in Amsterdam. I've been building things on the web for about 15 years, and at different times I've been a designer, a developer, a researcher, a founder and a coach.

I advocate for people-centred design, in using research and evidence to guide decisions but ensuring principles and values have the final say. I help teams to build a shared understanding of problems, to look outside for answers and to develop creative, practical solutions.


Founder, Someone Who Knows, Netherlands

April 2023 – Present (Part time)

I created this initiative to help new patients find peer support. It's a community that uses matching software to connect new patients with more experienced ones for 1-1 conversations about their experiences.

I'm currently building a community of patients with a plan to launch fully and begin matching people later in 2023.

Staff Designer, Daily, US (Remote in NL)

Jul 2022 – Mar 2023

Daily provides video APIs for developers working with web-based video conferencing and live-streaming.

I joined Daily as part of the acquisition of Confrere AS in 2022, leading design activities for Daily's "Pre-built" video conferencing product that allows anyone to start using custom video calling in their own website or application with minimal code. Prebuilt aims to be very simple in set-up and in use, yet flexible and fully-featured enough to cover lots of different use cases.