Current Location: Lleida, Catalonia , GMT+1

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Languages: Catalan (mother language), English and Spanish.

Learning: Korean, Mandarin, German


Pronouns: Any is fine

Slack: @La_Catalaneta

Nationality: Catalan/Spanish

Loves: Watching C-dramas, Languages, Food

Hates: People who don't ware mask inside close public spaces

Hi everybody! I'm Alex. I'm a software developer who likes languages a lot. I've worked as a DB developer / DB Administrator / Backend software developer in London before. I'm very excited to join Polygloss team and learn from others! So far it looks really exciting!

How I view success

My perfect working place is inclusive by nature, has a good ground ethics and empathy. I think this toolkit makes communication and trust very easy, which ends on developing a better product and having a much more enjoyable experience. a Win-Win.

How I communicate

As a Mediterranean person, I like to communicate a lot. I prefer over-chatting over no chatting at all, even though I try to keep it as consistent as posible to not bother much other people. I like to say Hi in the morning when I start working and express my feelings or my opinions when working on something in hope it can help. Also like to hear other opinions on what I'm working on, even if it's not their field, as I think en extra pair of eyes with good intention always help.

Things I do that may annoy you or be misunderstood

Sometimes I can be blunt or zoom out as a defence mechanism when feeling attacked, stressed or judged. Unfortunately this was the way I was raised and I'm currently working on this.

What gains and loses my trust

I really appreciate sincerity and communication, please correct me or tell me if upsets you something about I do at the beginning so I can change it before it turns into an habit, I really don't mind and it will increase my trust on you.

On the other hand, I don't like to read minds in order to know what is going in the project if the person holds the knowledge all to himself and does not pass it on. I experienced it a lot in the past and unnecessarily increased my anxiety, stress and decreased my self-steam as I felt the person had no trust on me. Of course it also drops my trust on the person.

My strengths

I have a good gut feeling. My time estimations so far, have been - surprisingly- very accurate. I'm very knowledgeable on relational database systems, so don't hesitate to ask me if you have a doubt that you think I could help with!. I like helping and making other people happy a lot. I can work in a very detailed way but also do some not much polished work if needed, I'm quite flexible.

My growth areas

I have yet not worked in a non toxic tech place. So I am not knowledgeable on healthy workflows. I have a rusty front-end knowledge (coursed first year of Multimedia at uni several years ago). A basic understanding of Big data and Data Science that I'd like to expand. I'm also planning on learning about distributed systems and Cloud computing.


I master:

I have experience on: