Characterization of Brand Personality

We’re fresh, creative, and energetic. Non-technical in speech, avoiding industry buzzwords and overly complicated terms. Air sounds like your witty, confident friend.

We're here to inform, to guide, and to tell you what's up. Joking is common, but it never distracts from the topic at hand. Comprehension > comedy.

When we're talking about the product, we speak clearly with a warmth and friendliness that engages and attracts. That said, we aren't afraid to be honest about the deficiencies of other products on the market (like Dropbox or Google Drive). We always present this information in a factual manner—no mocking or condescension.

What we are VS what we are not:

We are...







But we are not...



Overly techie



High brow

Problem/Solution Statement

Collaborating with images and videos is frustrating. Common culprits? Broken links, slow interfaces, lost feedback, messy folders, and confusing naming conventions—just to name a few. Ugh. These constant interruptions suck hours out of the day and squash creativity.

What if a new workspace made it easier for your marketing team to collaborate with each other and empowered the rest of your organization to take an active role in brand experience (BX)? Finally a place to access, review, and play with the content that drives your business. Switch to life on Air: a collaborative space for visual work.

One Line Description

A collaborative space for visual work

Hook & Descriptor

Collaborate creatively

Bring your team and content together in a space designed for visual work

Short Description

Enable better collaboration in a space for visual work. Finally a place to access, share, and play with the images and videos that tell your story.