Eco-friendly Ware Safe For Our Society.

Climate change is becoming a serious challenge to Nigeria's socio-economic development. Its impact is evident in an increase in drought, scarcity of food instigated somewhat by irregularities in rainfall, and over flooding.

The implications range from hunger and ill-health to migration. Plastics are mostly derived from petrochemicals, and the extraction and transportation of these fossil fuels is a carbon-intensive activity.

Due to its cheap cost and the broad range of use, plastic is everywhere, and plastic pollution is widespread. There is a need for a sustainable substitute.

Our proposed substitute is the production of 100% Biodegradable single-use tableware, which include

using the agricultural waste product: Rice husk. Our tableware products will be water-resistant, have no chemicals, heavy metals, or toxins, and withstand temperatures between -30 to 120°C.

We also want to ensure sustainability from the beginning to the end of our supply chain; hence we will use Green Energy for all our production processes and provide energy to the community. We are proposing biogas as fuel for both factory and commercial purposes using biomass gasification technology and anaerobic digestion of agricultural waste.