<aside> ⏳ 3rd May, 2020. Foram (my fiancée): Abhishek, I have an extra INR X lakhs lying around - where should I invest it. Me (in my head): Fck! I only know FDs and Startups and that's not a great answer to give to her now, is it.* Me (to her): Let me think about it and come back to you, hon.


As I went about my own journey learning and exploring, it was rife with challenges, and just overwhelming more than anything else. I figured it'd make sense to create something that helps people get started and do a better job of it all - even if not perfect.

Here we are, nearly four months later, I've done my own work - and ... created a course for helping you with your personal financial planning!

P.S. Now, I give confident, specific and pointed answers to the missus, on anything investing and money management related.

More details about the course

This is a course that will help you think through your personal financial planning - it's a combination of learning and doing, and goes beyond just 'understanding' to 'executing'.

The whole course will take you about ~2 weeks to go through, absorb, and get started with implementation.

It is a structured, and detailed guide in the form of a Google Document, and an excel worksheet to work on your planning and put it together. I have liberally added external links and reading material that I believe would be helpful.

This course is applicable to everyone, whether you're single, have a partner or have dependents.

Course Modules

The course is split into the following modules.

Module 1. Building an Annual Income and Expenses Plan

Module 2. Status Quo and Emergency Funds

Module 3. Life Goals and Retirement Planning

Module 4. Insurance

Module 5. Allocating Investments across Asset Classes

Module 6. Deciding on the Actual Assets & Advisors

Module 7. Execution of the Plan

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<aside> 🧡 "There are people like me who are fortunate and blessed to have friends and mentors who will pick up the phone, answer questions, and help plan different aspects of our lives. I cherish these relationships and the benefits because I want to feel like I deserved that wisdom and attention. If you’re reading this, know that I am jealous of you - I now have to share one of my go-to mentors’ wisdom and play book with you. All you need to part with are a few minutes of your time and some pocket change. Enjoy this steal. See you at the top." - Nikhil Jois [30 yrs. 3X founder. 1X Exit]


<aside> 💛 "I've long wanted to get my finances in order. Aggy's course turns this nightmarish task into an engaging, step by step process that helped me finally get the job done." - Kartic Rakhra [30 yrs. Crypto geek. Startup dude.]


<aside> 💚 "I was in the process of making a ready-reckoner for personal finance when I came across this ‘plan’ by Aggy. And now I plan to just point everyone to this. It has to be the most thorough, easily actionable plan that I have come across. Aggy has distilled the wisdom from so many different sources - books, websites and has curated the best resources and advice and put it all in one place. Now all you have to do is take this and make your decisions and get going. While this may seem like it’s for the beginner, I think there is enough for someone who’s already on this journey that they can use to uplevel their personal financial planning. In short, the recommendation is BUY." - Harish [40 yrs. Entrepreneur, Quizzer, MDI Gurgaon.]


Is this for me?

This course is for you if you want to work on your financial planning, regardless of your context. Even if it may not be something you can immediately action - the clarity of perspective and thought you build through this will hold you in good stead.

This course may not be for you if,

P.S. If you want to purchase access, but are constrained by the cost - drop me a line, we will work it out. 🙂