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↓ Add a brief overview of the project's goals so everyone is on the same page.

Notion templates are powerful ways for our users to get more out of their workspace. We want to create more of them to cover more use cases for our community!

Templates are the best way we can help users:


↓ Link to or create pages that outline all of the requirements for the project.

Notion’s brand usage guidelines: How to use Notion’s brand in your marketing

Voice and style guide

How to start a project

Creating visuals


↓ Introduce the main project contacts.

@Andrea Lim → Main Marketing contact

@Nate Martins → Customer Stories contact

@Camille Ricketts → Head of Marketing

@Ben Lang → Marketing contact


↓ Click the All Tasks dropdown below to see custom views for various stages of the pipeline. Use a New project database template to quickly outline success metrics and project scope.