Interested in advertising and promotion?

The fact of joining the contactless shopping system would make the buyer go to your store to buy all the products instead of visiting another shopping centre, as Paske guarantees safe and convenient shopping.

As we provide your organisation with the creation of its personal brand style, help you upload it and run a fully integrated advertising campaign, your store would be more successful in attracting customers and bringing business. With Paske you can highlight your store and make it more recognizable through the buyers.

We have already mentioned an effective client engagement and implementation of affiliate programs in the commercial in our app. That means using direct contact to the audience through the Paske app you can provide customers selected by certain criteria with notification and different types of information: advertising, offers, promotions, announcements and so on.

Administrative board implies the existence of buying activity prediction that plays a significant role in defining the direction of promotion policy. Such new technological solutions and tools would not just help you manage your firm but definitely attract the attention of society. With Paske you will open the new stage in the process of shopping by applying new marketing tools. There is no time to think, the first stores are going to take all the customers!