As some of you have relationships with Vendors and other external companies, you mus take not of our invoicing policies:

<aside> 💡 Here you will find all the information regarding credit cards, paypal, platform costs, to whom you must inform when you have to make an expense / payment as well as the process to justify that expense


What cards should you use?

If you need to use the credit card to pay for services online, ask the Team Assistant for the number.

If the Team Assistant is unavailable, ask the Exec Manager but make sure you explain what it's for and that it's an approved cost.

If there are problems with a payment (declined credit card, notice of failed payments) ask the Team Assistant what's going on and let the rest of the team know what the issue is.

If you need to use PayPal, ask the Team Assistant how to do it.

How to report payments you have made

After making a payment, please send the receipt to [TA e-mail] and confirm what it's for.

Update platform costs sheet

Every time you make an expense associated with Platform Costs, you must register it on the google sheet designated for it: [link].

In case you don't have permission to edit, please inform Exec Manager about this expense. You must specify: Team / Use, Owner, Payment Method and Provider, as well as if it is a single or recurring payment.