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Add Member (via Space Code/Link)

※ Please be mindful when you share your Space Code/Link. Admins and Participants have different levels of permissions (eg. Admin can view the writer of an anonymous post, etc.).

  1. Go to [➊ Space Settings](<https://www.notion.so/Admin-Manage-Spaces-Space-Info-Settings-34f3a126ee7a4f7f99d502e0863e2f7f>) and select ➋ Invitation Code.


  2. Share Space Code/Link to those who will join as Admin


  3. Share Space Code/Link to those who will join as Participant

  4. Toggle the ➌ Space Active/Inactiveswitch to activate/deactivate the Space Code/Link.

    ※ You cannot join a Space with an inactive Space Code/Link.

    ※ You can activate the Space any time by simply turning on the Activate Space Code/Link button.

  5. If you need to create a new Space Code/Link due to information leak, click on the ❹ Reset to get a new Space Code/Link.


Add Member (via Email Invite)

Send invitation emails directly to those you want to invite to the Space.

  1. Go to Space Settings, select Invite Members under Members.
  2. In the Email section, fill out the blank with email addresses or copy past emails from an existing excel or csv file.
  3. Click on Invite to assign permissions and role for the entire list (you cannot select multiple or separate permission and role types from the uploaded list).
  4. Once you've added all members, click on Confirm to send out all appropriate emails to each member.
  5. Members can join Space via link in the email.

Edit Member

  1. Go to Space, and select Space Settings. Click ➊ Edit Members under Members.
  2. Click on Permissionand Roleassigned to each member to select the appropriate permissions and roles in the list (Owner, Admin, and Participant; Roles).