Renounced Ownership

The ownership of the contract is renounced to make sure that no tampering can be done to the contract. So, no changing liquidity fees, no access to mint functions, nothing. Check it out on our contract:

Project Wallets

As mentioned on the website, 15% of the initial supply will be reserved. 5% belonging to the dev wallet, 5% to the project funding wallet, and 5% to the donations wallet. These wallets are locked on DxLock and to ensure that the dev's won't dump the tokens. The dev wallet will be locked for a month and half of the funds will be locked again for 5 months. The project funding wallet will be locked for 10 weeks and 10% releasing each week for, as mentioned, project funding/marketing. We need these funds in order to ensure the longevity of this coin. As we believe that $HIVE is different from just any shit coin, these funds will be crucial for the development of this project. However, these funds won't be spent recklessly behind curtains. Every transaction on the project funding and charity wallet will be clearly documented and shared with the world.

Check out the wallet locks at:


Here is the list of wallet transactions:


Team Doxxing

The potential for a team doxxing is something that is in the talks. We acknowledge that doxxing of developers is a huge step in gaining the trust of investors, however, we have to recognize the legitimate concern or revealing one's identity over the internet. This does not mean that the possibility of team doxxing is off the table. We know the importance of this process in gaining the trust of the world, therefore, we're willing to do whatever it takes to clear up any questions or concerns in a safe manner. Feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media if you have any questions!

Early Whales

In order to prevent early whales in the presale, we will be capping the buy limit to just 2 BnB. The developer team does not hold any personal wallets before the presale and will be buying at the same time as all the other participants. The only coins the dev holds are the dev wallets that are locked prior to launch.

Concerns of a Rug

Although there are a lot of scam coins out there in the market, we can ensure that Hive is not one of them. We as investors ourselves have experienced multiple honey pot and rug pull like scam coins and know the frustration that one receives when getting scammed. The liquidity pool, the developer wallet, and the project funding wallet are all locked using DxLock. Coupled with the renounced ownership after the presale, this project will be virtually impossible to rug even if we wanted to. Regarding the mint function, the main purpose of the Mint Function on the contract is to create the initial supply of coins that was necessary in order to create $HIVE. This function is not a public function the developers can access at any time, in fact the function is useless after creating the initial supply of coins. We are willing to do anything in order to gain the trust of our investors.

Why Presale

In order to raise liquidity for the project, the presale was necessary to establish the funds to create the LP. Liquidity is essential for the price of the token to be stable, and acts as a “cushion”. Presale also raises funds for future marketing ventures that are crucial to the broadening of this project.

Locked Liquidity

Here is the liquidity locked o dxlock:

Visions For HIVE